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As a christian, devoted husband, and father to four children, I understand the need for a strong, foundation. I have over 25 years in the field of geotechnical engineering and construction materials studying the engineering properties of soil and construction materials and applying that knowledge to the design and construction of strong foundations.     

I graduated in the fall of 1995 from Mississippi State University with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering. Subsequent to graduation I pursued graduate studies in geotechnical engineering at Mississippi State University, Louisiana State University, and The University of Texas at Arlington. I have spent 20 years in the greater Jackson metro area and over 5 years in the greater Dallas metro area. I have extensive experience with the local highly expansive Yazoo clay as well as the other expansive clays around the state and the similar expansive clays around Dallas. I have experience in field investigation (soil borings), laboratory soil testing, and data reduction. I have performed analyses on most types of shallow and deep foundation systems, retaining wall systems, and slope systems. My professional experience includes projects ranging in size from small single-family residential homes to large residential apartment complexes to high-rise hotels; commercial buildings including restaurants, medical offices, and retail centers; and industrial facilities including large manufacturing plants and office/warehouse buildings. I have worked on state highway projects for mainline highways and brigdes for the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT), the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT), the Louisiana Department of Transportation (LDOT), and the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).  I have performed hundreds of forensic investigations on residential foundations in both Mississippi and Texas. I have been directly involved in projects across Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, and Oklahoma and indirectly involved in projects in New Mexico, Virginia, Kentucky, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Colorado. I am a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE).  


ABTS offers services including individual soil borings, in-depth geotechnical investigations, soil compaction testing, structural foundation inspections, and geoforensic studies.

Owner/Principal Engineer

ABTS Consultants. LLC


Licensed Professional Engineer

Mississippi No. 14928

Texas No. 89664

Alabama No. 38378

Lousiana No.43688

Barton M. Schreiner, P.E. 
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